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RGT 86010CJ 1/10 4WD RC Car All-terrain Off-road Vehicle Rock Crawler Climbing Vehicle - RTR

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RGT 86010CJ 1/10 4WD RC Car All-terrain Off-road Vehicle Rock Crawler Climbing Vehicle  - RTR


.EX86010-CJ is a 1/10 all-terrain 4WD driver-type off-road vehicle.
.CJ optimized and shortened the wheelbase on the EX86110 platform, and the chassis structure remained basically unchanged.
.The CJ wheelbase is adjusted to 285mm, and the front bumper adopts a metal anti-collision design. A winch mounting hole is reserved to allow a part of the CJ to be equipped with a full-size spare tire.
.The vehicle uses ball bearings, a C-shaped steel beam chassis and front and rear axle lock spools. The steering arm adopts a high-position tie rod design, which matches the CVA steering of a high-intensity ball cage, and can achieve a super-large steering angle of 41 degrees.
.The aluminum alloy upgraded steering arm factory will introduce a 45-degree steering angle. CJ has a motor front design and has a separate transmission and reduction system.
.The main gear of the reducer adopts a sliding mode design, and the gears of the transmission system are high-strength powder alloy gears, which solves the problem of sweeping teeth under super-strong resistance loads.
.CJ is still the RTR version used by players, equipped with 17TRC550 super torque motor, RGT-60A waterproof ESC, 15KG high torque waterproof server and 7.2V 2000MAH battery.
.The 4CH remote control is specially designed for crawlers, and supports the third channel to control the light switch, and the fourth channel to control the winch retraction function.
.The biggest highlight of CJ is that the approach and departure angles are close to 90 degrees, and they are not afraid of any road conditions.
.Analog steering wheel, seat, handbrake, such a beautiful CJ must be the perfect off-road vehicle, which can be appreciated during rest, and can be crossed during operation.
.The newly designed steering arm uses advanced tie rods for steering, avoiding the restrictions of the C block, and has excellent CVA parts, which can achieve a super steering angle of 41 degrees.
.Split-type reduction transmission system design, low-speed torque output is more stable. Anti-fall ball cage CVA, made of 45 # steel, durable and anti-fall design. The design of the case is simple and clear, and the pursuit of rationality and convenience.
.The CJ body shell is made of imported PC material and is injection molded. It is very bright and has strong resistance. Plastic steering wheels, seats, and hand brakes also use blister technology. The exquisite rearview mirror transparent PC windshield shows a very good simulation effect.

.Material: PVC + Electronic Components + Metal + Rubber
.Brand: RGT
.Scale: 1/10
.Wheelbase: 285mm
.Gear Ratio: 56.6: 1�?3.3: 1
.ESC: RGT-60 waterproof
.Motor: 550 17T brushed motor
.Servo: 15kg waterproof
.Control Distance: 80m
.Use Time: 15-20min
.Charging Time: 3H
.Speed: 15km / H
.Frequency: 2.4 GHZ
.Control Method: Radio Control
.Battery: 7.2V 2000MAH
.Chassis Height: 8Cm
.Drive Method: 4WD
.Transmitter Battery: 4 x AA Batteries (Not Included)
.Product Dimensions: 46.5 x 24 x 25.5cm
.Product Weight: 700g
.Packing: Graphic Carton

Package Content:

.1 x RC Car
.1 x Remote Controller
.1 x Battery
.1 x Charger (US Plug)
.1 x Manual